Run Rwanda Comes Alive!

I always seem to forget the sheer amount of hard work and planning that goes into simply getting to the start line of a new challenge or adventure, and Run Rwanda is no different. I’m immensely proud to have got this far, and have a number of people to thank already, all who have helping me on the journey to date!

The idea behind Run Rwanda was born after an inspiring Skype conversation with Sara Leedom, who talked me through the great work that the AEC do in Rwanda and throughout Africa, with such passion. I was convinced that I wanted to somehow incorporate the AEC into a new adventure and while the first idea was simply to raise funds for this fantastic social enterprise, it soon evolved into a genuine partnership and the opportunity to tell a powerful and positive story about Rwanda and it’s progression into an economic force on the continent. Sara and the AEC team have been fantastic over the months that followed, offering their time and resource to help get Run Rwanda off the ground.

With 4 months to go before the start of the trip, we have a professional photographer on-board ( and we’re about to sign-up a professional documentary film maker. We also have the opportunity to be working with Sarah Nicholas at Gong Communications (, an international PR firm based in London. Having already spent time with the AEC over in Rwanda earlier this year, Sarah will be helping us to spread the word about the Run Rwanda challenge, to as many people as possible.

A big thank you to Tim Harris from Butterfly London ( who has done a great job working on the design of the Run Rwanda logo, he’ll be staying on-board throughout the challenge, as we look to publish a photo-story later this year.

We still have a hell of a lot to do before taking our fist dusty steps in Rwanda, from launching a Kick-Starter campaign later in May, to hopefully raising over $10,000 for the AEC, combined with hundreds of hours of training and logistics preparations, but we’ll get there!

For now, I hope you enjoy the new site, we’ll be adding fund-raising and tracking functionally over the coming days and weeks and I’ll be blogging regularly to give updates on all aspects of the challenge.

Cheers, John & Team


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