Inspiration From The Hub

Last Tuesday, I co-hosted an evening of inspiration at the Impact Hub in Kings Cross. Sharing a belief that the power of running can be unleashed to enable ordinary people to have a huge positive impact on themselves and the world around them, the Run Rwanda team partnered up with the Impact Marathon Series to curate the event.

With an excellent line-up of speakers, an audience of eighty plus huddled together to enjoy what we all hoped would be a sonic blast of running fuelled inspiration!

The RunningForGood audience settles in for an evening of Inspiration

First up, Ollie Hunter-Smart and George Restall buoyantly hopped up onto the stage, minutes after running a full marathon across London to get to the Hub. Serious Kudos! Their challenge had been to think about different ways to have a positive impact along their 26.2 mile route and wiping the fresh sweat from their brow, they talked through their inspirational journey, from baking muffins for Homeless people to volunteering at urban farms! Hats off to an awesome pair of Impact Runners!

Having not run a marathon to get to the event, the pressure was certainly on as I took the stage to introduce Run Rwanda and what we hoped to achieve out in East Africa, along with the AEC this summer. Talking alongside our official photographer Cate Gunn, it was inspiring so have so much interest in the run and after taking the opportunity to launch the Run Rwanda fundraising initiative, we’ve already raised over 300 pounds in a matter of days! We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target of raising 10,000 pounds for the AEC, and if you’d like to contribute and directly help to support the local Rwandan Entrepreneurs, you can make a donation at the following link:

John introduces the Run Rwanda initiative

After a short break to top up the wine glasses, we were privileged to have Wayne Russell Skype in live, smack bang in the middle of his 9 month attempt to run the entire length of Britain. With only 300 miles to go, an emotional Wayne wowed us with his stories from the road, while encouraging everyone in the Hub that evening to throw on their running shoes and get the hell outside!

Wayne Russell dialling in during his run across Britain

Nick Kershaw, the CEO of Impact Marathon Series was next up, talking through his own personal journey into the world of running, before bringing to life surely one of the most inspiring and beautiful set of marathons on the international circuit. From Columbia to Nepal, runners can sign-up for the adventure of a lifetime, while embracing the opportunity to work on UN prioritised social causes. To find out more, check out the IMS races here:

Finally, we’d definitely saved the best speaker of the evening to last! Emerging from the shadows dressed as a Superhero, Jamie McDonald took us on a good humoured and humbling account of his 5,000 mile, unsupported run across Canada. Most inspiring of all was his subsequent journey setting up the SuperHero foundation, designed to inspire and empower people to change their lives and the lives of those around them, all across the world.

Jamie McDonald shares his passion for running

A huge thank you to everyone who came and gave up their time on a sunny Tuesday evening, we hope you left saturated with new ideas and inspiration and with a fresh appetite to get those running shoes out from under the bed and hit the streets and trails. Here’s to a growing tribe of Impact Runners!

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