A Vision Worth Shouting About

It’s been a hectic schedule so far on Run Rwanda, but today we spent an hour with a truly inspirational company in the Nyamasheke District, in the south of the country.

Tumukize Innovative Ltd, is a small start up run by Managing Director and Entrepreneur Tuyizere Olive. The company sells dried Sambaza fish to the local community, but they package and sell the fish in a way that’s far more hygienic than traditional methods.

Tuyizere demonstrating how they weigh the Sumbaza

Tuyizere introduced us to her team (including a Business Advisor, Hygienist and Company Secretary) and showed us around her store. Rather than just existing to make a profit, the company has a clear vision to ‘tackle malnutrition in the most malnourished distract in Rwanda’.

Tumikize talked us through her ambitious growth plans for the company, and explained how they’re currently working towards developing a fish powder supplement to provide further dietary benefits to the community.

Tuyizere is looking to develop fish powder dietary supplements to tackle local malnourishment

The team at Tumkize are currently working with the AEC (Inkomoko) to build a powerful business plan to help them grow and develop in the coming months and years, with the potential to create a vast number of local jobs for the district.

The team make another sale!

It was wonderful to witness a company that’s underpinned by such a strong vision and moral code and we look forward to following Tuyizere’s progress closely!

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