About John

John is an endurance athlete, living and working in central London. He sees himself as a dual-lifer, spending his days working as a Brand and Innovation Consultant, and his evenings and weekends focused on training for and preparing for adventures both big and small.

His passion for endurance events first started at school, where he was a keen cross-country runner and at the age of 18 he completed the London Marathon. He went on to run 5 marathons and over 20 half-marathons while at University in Leeds and took his first step into ultra-adventure running when he took on the Marathon Des Sables, running 250km across the Sahara Desert in 2012.

John during the Marathon Des Sables in 2012

4 years ago John decided to take a break from running, to give him time to follow his passion for cold water swimming. He completed his first cold water swim in 2013 in an ‘Escape From Alcatraz’ in San Francisco, before taking on the infamous Robben Island Crossing, in Cape Town, in 2014. In 2015 he led a team of cold water swimmers as they attempted to become the first British team to complete a Farallon Islands Relay, a 30 mile marathon swim commonly described as ‘like the English Channel, but longer, much colder, stormier and with the worlds largest concentration of Great White Sharks’. The team failed on the day, due to extremely cold water temperatures, but will return to try and break the record in 2017.

Over the last decade John has raised over 25,000 pounds for causes he’s passionate about, from the RNLI to Marie Curie Cancer Care and he’s become a proud member of the Inspired 50 group in London. He has spoken about his adventures at the Royal Geographical Society and The Escape School and is always looking for new ways to encourage others to take on the adventures that they’re passionate about.

Run Rwanda will be John’s toughest challenge and certainly his longest run, to date. He’s proud to have officially partnered with the African Entrepreneur Collective and will be spending the next 4 months leading up to the event, building as much awareness and funds for this truly innovate social enterprise.

The Great British Farallon Swim in 2015

If you’d like to get in touch with John or even join him in Rwanda, please don’t hesitate to send him an email on jawgunn@yahoo.co.uk. You can follow his training and preparations for Run Rwanda on Twitter: @RunRwanda and on this blog.

Thank you for your support!